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How to Deal with Kidney Shutting Down for the Kidney Failure Patients

Time:  2016-02-11 08:36

When the kidney disease worsen to the kidney failure, the kidney may shut down. So what should they do if the kidney failure patients are facing to this serious problem. Can the dialysis save their lives? May be the answer is “no”. Is there any other ways to deal with the kidney shutting down?

Maybe in china, you can find the hope. Because the Chinese medical treatments have a thousand history, and they can deal with various kinds of the difficult diseases. Now I will share one of them to you.

“four one” Chinese traditional treatment to deal with the kidney shutting down for kidney failure pateints

1. A kettle of oral Chinese medicine

This kettle of oral Chinese medicine is taste a little bitter, but it has the function of detoxification. This medicine also can invigorate blood vessels and dissolve blood stasis .

2. A dose of micro Chinese medicine

This step is a distinguish feature of the Chinese medicine. In this step, the traditional Chinese medical herbs are made into powders, the main purpose of that is improving the medicine effects . and the chinese medical powders can be sent to the damaged kidney parts, then it can repair the kidney cells and expand the blood vessels. The urine output will increase quickly. A lot of blood toxin and electrolyte can be taken away with the urine.

3. A bottle of Maikang composition

The maikang composition is made by our hospital. It is used to  improve the blood circulation and reduce the blood fat. And it also has the function of anti-thrombosis and anti-aging.

4. A basin of Chinese medical foot bath

This step is so comfortable to the kidney failure patients. Before going to the bed, they just need to soak their foots in the hot medial bath. Then through soaking, it can promote the blood circulation of the whole body, the  blood will flow smoothly.

From a series treatments’ treating , the shutting down kidney of the kidney failure patients will work for the body again. So if you also want to try our treatments, you can send emails to chinesemedicinekidney@hotmail.com , or add my viber/whatsapp +86 18203203537

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