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How to distinguish kidney failure from uremia

Time:  2014-08-13 08:59

As the end stage renal disease, many people cannot tell the differences from kidney failure to uremia. They are always confused about them. So how to distinguish kidney failure from uremia? Generally speaking, it will be more clear distinguish them from symptoms.

The symptoms of kidney failure:

1. Low blood sugar: when one suffers from kidney failure, the kidney cannot inactivate insulin, originally the patients whose blood sugar has been higher will show the symptoms of hypoglycemia.

2. Fracture: kidney failure makes the active vitamin D3 which regulates calcium and phosphorus metabolism to be declined, causing patients to have fracture easily.

3. Anemia: kidney failure will lower the EPO which makes patients feel weak, and that indicates anemia.

4. Heart failure:It is the toxins and acidosis inner the kidney failure patients that inhibit the Systolic and diastolic function of myocardial cell, then the heart failure is induced.

5. uremic encephalopathy: when It come to kidney failure, internal toxins cannot be eliminated, damage the central nervous system. Which, will lead to phonism, extraction, epilepsy and so on.

The symptoms of uremia:

1. the face shows color dark: this symptom is caused by anemia, it will not change quickly among a period of time, so the patients usually do not pay attention to it.

2. Urine volume decrease: as the kidney’s filtration declined, some patients will appear urine volume decrease, while others will not. So we cannot judge the kidney function only by urine volume.

3. Swallow: swallow is easy to detect in the early stage of uremia, kidney is not able to eliminate exceeded water in body.

4. Digestive system symptoms: this is a common symptom in early uremia, mainly shows loss of appetite, dysgeusis, vomiting, and under some circumstances will appear diarrhea and constipation.

5. High blood pressure: failed kidney cannot eliminate water and sodium, leading to water-sodium retention. In addition, when kidney got damaged, it will secrete some substance result in high blood pressure.

From above comparison, we can distinguish kidney failure from uremia easily. If you want more information about kidney failure or uremia, chat with the online doctor or leave a message below, we will give you a reply as soon as possible.

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