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Why do Kidney Failure Patients Suffer from Fatigue

Time:  2014-03-14 01:42

Why do Kidney Failure Patients Suffer from FatigueFatigue is the common symptom of kidney failure. Many patients feel tired easily and have no energy to do things. Long term of chronic kidney failure nearly breaks patients’ interest to enjoy their life. Why do kidney failure patients suffer from fatigue? And is there an effective therapy to deal with this condition? Let’s learn together.

Why do kidney failure patients suffer from fatigue?

Fatigue in most kidney failure patients usually caused by anemia or high level of wastes in the blood. There are some causes that can lead to anemia.

1) Diseased kidney

Normally. Healthy kidney can both produce enough erythropoietin(EPO) to tell the body to make the proper amount of red blood cells and remove the excess wastes and toxins from the body. However, for kidney failure patients, most of their kidney functions have lost. So these patients are more susceptible to anemia and large waste deposition. Usually, patients’fatigue begins in the early stages of kidney failure and gets worse as kidney function decreases.

2) Side effect of dialysis

Most doctors will suggest kidney failure patients receive dialysis, which has some side effects except prolong the patients’ life expectancy. Fatigue is one of its side effects. When taking dialysis, some valuable substances will also be filtered out of the body, including red blood cells. Fatigue will occur due to the decreased level of red blood cells.

3) Strict diet restriction

For kidney failure patients, diet restriction is strict. They will get tired easily because of the lack of iron and folic acid, which have the ability of producing red blood cells.

How to deal with fatigue in kidney failure patients?

To deal with fatigue, we must treat kidney damage first. Hot compress therapy is a recommended methods that treat kidney disease. This external therapy can repair kidney damage from root and improve kidney function effectively. Have interest? Email to chinesemedicinekidney@hotmail.com and contact us. In addition, you should eat more foods that contain much iron and folic acid to increase the red blood cells level.

Why do kidney failure patients suffer from fatigue? Maybe there are some other causes besides the above. You can leave a message below if you are suffering from fatigue now. We are glad to help you.

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