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Dialysis Patient with Elevated Temperature, Chills in Kidney Failure

Time:  2015-11-15 13:33

symptoms of elevated temperature, chills in kidney failure, elevated temperature, chills in kidney failureWhen patients are in end stage of kidney disease, most of them have to do dialysis which can replace kidneys to execute renal function to sustain their life.

Though dialysis is important for patients, it has many side effects. After dialysis, some patients have the symptom of chill, elevated temperature even fever. Why they have these symptoms? Because sometimes formalin or hypochlorous acid which haven’t be cleaned up are deposited in dialysis machine, the residual sanitizer can impair human body. Or some patients have anaphylaxis to new dialysis machine.

Anyway, dialysis can’t cure root of disease, the rest of patients’ life have to rely on a dialysis machine and other’ help unless they have plan to do renal transplantation which also needs appropriate kidney source or sufficient funds.

Is there a method that can help patients to get rid of dialysis and improve their life quality? Stem cells which have self-healing and multi-directional differentiation function are organism original cells that form various tissues and organs in human body. They can sustain individuals’ growth, structure and dynamic equilibrium of tissues and organs and repair impaired organs. They are regarded as “Omnipotent Cells” because of their differentiation function.

Beijing tongshantang Hospital of traditional Chinese Medicine which is a professional hospital in treating kidney disease uses Mesenchymal stem call which is a study branch of stem cell.

MSC which is important member of stem cells are found in marrow at first. They have support, regulate to hematopoietic function inside and outside human body. Because of their characteristics such as infinite proliferation, hematopoietic support, promotion of stem cells inplantation which are attract much attention from people. MSC can be differentiated into histocyte of kidney, fat, bone, cartilage, muscle, endothelium in specific induced condition inside and outside human body. Stem cells which can be regard as seed cells to repair organization organ damage caused by lesion have multipotential differentiation after continuous passage culture and cryopreservation.

If you can’t bear the misery of side effects with dialysis, you can try MSC to get rid of dialysis and improve life quality. Our email address is chinesemedicinekidney@hotmail.com.

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