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Can Creatinine 5.3 in Kidney Failure be Reduced by Dialysis

Time:  2015-04-01 09:54

Can Creatinine 5.3 in Kidney Failure be Reduced by DialysisIn generally, patients are recommended to undergo dialysis when creatinine is high than normal and patients suffer from many uncomfortable symptoms. However, can creatinine 5.3 really be reduced by dialysis. Are you on dialysis now? Are you still having this doubt, you can add whatsapp +8618203203537 to know more details.

Dialysis has been considered as a replacement of kidneys. when the kidney is no longer to eliminate the toxic substances and wastes products out of body properly, a replacement of kidney is needed to eliminate these wastes products. To some extent, dialysis helps to eliminate the wastes products and alleviate some poisoning symptoms. However, dialysis is an unpleasant experience. Patients have to sit one place for about four or six hours, and they can not move during the process of dialysis. What is worse, patients also suffer from the adverse effects of dialysis, such as muscle cramping, anemia, headache, and so on. Dialysis just perform the function of eliminating the toxic substances, it can achieve the function of producing function, such as red blood cells and urine. As time goes by, the urine output is still increasing losing. And there is one day that patients do not have urine output at all, which causes that lots of wastes products can not be eliminated out of body. Regarding on this, patients suffer from high creatinine level again.

From the above content, dialysis can not reduce high creatinine level fundamentally. The best way to reduce high creatinine level is to repair the kidney damage. Once the kidney damage is repaired, the creatinine level will be reduced naturally.

Beijing tongshantang Hospital of traditional Chinese Medicine provides patients a natural treatment to deal with the kidney disease. This is a natural treatment which makes patients feel comfortable and safe. This is a external application which makes the active and functional substances enter inside kidneys directly. The Chinese herbs in this therapy can promote blood circulation, extend blood vessels, provide a health internal environment to get the diseased cells get repaired, help these diseased cells get self recovered, reduce the elevated creatinine naturally.

If you still have doubt about reducing creatinine level in kidney failure and about our natural treatments, you can send email to chinesemedicinekidney@hotmail.com or leave a message below.

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