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Treatment for High Creatinine, Anemia and Less Urine Volume

Time:  2015-03-08 14:15

“Hello, Doctor, I am going for dialysis for 2 years. Is there any supplement or medication that can reduce my creatinine 1300umol/l, so I do not have to go dialysis again. Also I have anemia, please give me some medical advises, thank you.”

Actually the process of kidney disease is just the process of kidney fibrosis. The development of kidney disease is divided into 3 stage: inflammatory reaction stage, fibrosis formation stage, and scarring formation stage. The three stages is often exist at the same time. You have been on dialysis for 2 years + right? What is more, you have numerous complications of kidney failure such as renal anemia(low Hb), high toxins(high serum BUN, serum creatinine),electrolyte disorder(high serum phosphrous) etc. So now you are in advanced fibrosis formation stage, namely the transitional period from fibrosis to scarring.2.But you dont be too sad. We all think you still have some advantages. Although the degree of your fibrosis are heavier now, but part of your kidneys are no fibrosis(you still have urine volume 50ml right, it means some blood still flows inner kidney and you still have remaining kidney function), and our main treatment method should focus on blocking the progress of renal fibrosis, even if your fibrosis nephron happen now, but their function is not complete loss, as long as we seize the treatment opportunity, block the development of fibrosis, and repair the damaged kidney nephrons, your kidney function can still be improved a lot, your condition can still be reversed.3.You also dont have those serious symptoms such as difficulty in breathing, severe swelling, Pericardial effusion Pleural effusion, right? If so, you have no multiple organ damage. It is good for overall recovering.4.Your controlled blood sugar, blood pressure also create a good inner environment for kidney recovery

You have kidney disease for a long time, I think you have already tried all the ways you can reach in western medicine. Then why you have no improvements? Since their treatment direction is controlling kidney disease instead of blocking kidney fibrosis(removing toxins from body, repairing damaged kidney nephrons and improving kidney function).What is more, you also know dialysis even transplant is not the permanent way. So if you can receive Traditional Chinese Medicine fully, toxins in your body will be removed, damaged kidney cells will be repaired, thus kidney function will be improved gradually. And your dialysis times will be reduced and also have a chance to get rid of it.

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