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Why Does Kidney Failure Cause Muscle Cramp

Time:  2014-01-14 03:07

Why Does Kidney Failure Cause Muscle CrampWhat causes muscle cramp in kidney failure? For this question, our experts explain that muscle cramp in kidney failure is caused by hypocalcemia or low calcium. In the following, we will give you the detailed information of hypocalcemia in kidney failure.

1. We know kidney failure patients always follow a strict diet. In this case, patients usually cannot consume enough nutrients for body’s necessity. The vitamin D in their body is usually deficient and patients will experience muscle cramp.

2. The disorder of calcium metabolism causes hypocalcemia. Chronic kidney failure patients lack of 1-hydroxylase, which can not produce active vitamin D3. However, active vitamin D3 has powerful biological activity which is able to promote gastrointestinal tract to the absorption of calcium. Vitamin D3 is decreased in chronic kidney failure, so calcium absorption is decreased relatively. Therefore, hypocalcemia occurs and muscle cramp also appear.

3. Kidney failure patients usually experience hyperphosphatemia. Glomerular filtration rate is low in kidney failure patients, which triggers the decreased phosphate excretion. Phosphate ions accumulate in the blood causing elevated serum phosphate. In this condition, mild hyperphosphatemia triggers hypocalcemia.

The above three factors can cause hypocalcemia which leads to the appear of muscle cramp in kidney failure patients. Patients often complain this symptom. Most of the times, these cramps occur in the back of your leg, underneath your knee, but they can also occur in any other group of muscles. They also occur at night and can be very painful. Therefore, it is necessary for them to take treatment to control muscle cramp.

Treatment of muscle cramps

1. Treat the symptom. Bone malnutrition and bone fracture are likely to occur after a long period of abnormal renal function. You can take some calcium pills and at the same time, keep warmth of your limbs. Cold limbs tend to muscle cramp. Warming your limbs with hot water can relieve your cramps.

2. Treat kidney failure fundamentally. All the symptoms are triggered by impaired kidney. Controlling the symptom is essential to protect kidney, stop further kidney damage, manage high blood pressure and improve the internal imbalance. Only if your kidney function can be improved will the symptoms disappear gradually.

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