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What Happens When Only 25% Kidney Function Is Left

Time:  2014-02-09 01:22

What Happens When Only 25% Kidney Function Is LeftWhat happens when only 25% kidney function is left? A quarter of kidney function is not strong enough to help us maintain the normal life, so when only 25% of kidney function is left, patients will experience lots of discomforts like poor appetite, nausea, vomiting, skin itching, fatigue and swelling and so on. We can say kidney disease has developed to stage 4 when only 25% is left. In such a stage, patients usually have different prognosis and this is up to patients’ attitude and action toward their illness.

Dialysis or kidney transplant will be a must if leave illness alone

As we have said above, when only 25% kidney function is left, lots of discomforts, or we can say symptoms, will be caused. In many cases, patients are just prescribed with some medications to control or relieve these discomforts and this is helpful for slowing down illness. However, we can not stop illness progression simply by treating its symptoms, not its real causes. This is the reason why many kidney disease patients finally experience ESRD even if they have a prompt diagnosis and treatment.

Kidney disease keeps progressing and finally stage 5 kidney failure will be caused. At that time, we need dialysis or kidney transplant to prolong life span. Therefore, dialysis or kidney transplant becomes a must if we do not treat kidney disease fundamentally.

Restore kidney function to prevent ESRD (End Stage Renal Disease)

For an individual with 25% kidney function, there are healthy, injured and necrotic kidney intrinsic cells in his kidney. Necrotic kidney intrinsic cells have died and lost all their working ability. So far no medicines have been created to revive dead cells, so kidney can not be cured completely when three-quarter of kidney function is deprived. However, injured kidney intrinsic cells can be repaired and by repairing these cells, kidney function can be improved to some extent. Dialysis or kidney transplant is usually needed when kidney function decreases to 10% and by improving kidney function, patients can stay more far away from dialysis and kidney transplant.

For the medicine that can be used to repair kidney damages, Chinese medicine is recommended. Chinese medicine has function of dilating blood vessels, anti-inflammation, anti-coagulation and degradation. With these effects, not only injured kidney intrinsic cells can be repaired, residual kidney function can be protected at the same time.

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