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Is Chamomile Tea Good for Stage 4 Kidney Failure Patients

Time:  2014-09-10 20:44


Is Chamomile Tea Good for Stage 4 Kidney Failure PatientsChamomile Tea gains increasing popularity among people and it has been seen used for thousand years. While stage 5 kidney failure has many restrictions in their drink. Many patients may worry about is chamomile tea good for stage 4 kidney failure.

The healthy benefits of chamomile tea :

Control high blood pressure

In modern medical study, chamomile tea has the function of controlling high blood pressure. Drinking tea as habit in life can increase the body’s calcium, regulate cardiac function, lower cholesterol, which helps patients stop the progression of kidney disease.

Relax muscle and boost immune system

Chamomile tea has muscle relaxing properties that has the function to improve hippurate level and provides antibacterial activity. The phenilics in chamomile tea works to boost immunity system and improve the ability to fight against infections. The benefits of chamomile tea are relaxing muscle and acting as a mild sedative.

Relax Insomnia

The UMMC notes that most people turn to chamomile tea for its nerve-soothing and sedative qualities. 3to 4 cups of chamomile tea each day are suggested to relief sleeplessness and anxiety. Chamomile tea can give relief from troubled sleep. Chamomile tea also has effects on reliving various pain such as headache, muscle pain, ache that caused by nervous tension.

Although chamomile tea has so many health benefits, it is not suitable for everyone one. There are some notes you need to pay attention to is excess chamomile tea leads to vomiting and allergic reactions. You need to consult your doctors about how much you can consume on the base of you own illness condition.

Stage 4 kidney failure refers to your kidney functions have been severely lost and chamomile tea is far enough to restore kidney function. Only effective treatment can patients adopt to renovate kidney function. The therapies in our hospital are Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, Medicated Bath, Blood purification, Foot Bath. These therapies can achieve the function of rebuilding damaged kidney structure and eliminating wastes products.

To sum up, chamomile tea has certain effects on stage 4 kidney failure patients, but it is not enough to treatment kidney failure.

If you are interested our treatment, you can contact our online doctor and send email to chinesemedicinekidney@hotmail.com.

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