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can kidney failure patients eat salt-free sauce to replace salt

Time:  2014-08-03 06:52

For kidney failure patients, the daily diet is of importance. Reasonable diet can relieve the burden of glomerulus and slow down kidney damages. Some patients would like to eat salt-free sauce to  replace of salt, but can all of the kidney failure patients eat salt-free sauce? perhaps this article can help you.

Kidney failure patients are always recommended to intake less salt, so some patients choose salt-free sauce. but salt-free sauce refers to using medicinal ammonium chloride and potassium chloride instead of sodium salt. It doesn’t contain sodium but has potassium. If the patients have normal kidney function and urine volume, in addition keep the average sodium, they can use salt-free sauce, however if the patient who has lost his kidney function in some extent, and urine volume reduced, then he should pay attention to the intake. As sodium is discharged mainly by urine, if urine volume reduced, and less sodium discharged, then no salt sauce can lead to high hyperpotassemia. Even cause heart disease and threaten the life.

In conclusion, if the patients’ urine volume above 1000ml, then he need not to limit the intake of salt-free sauce, If not, patients should not eat salt-free sauce. in addition, they should choose low sodium diet. Generally, eggs, intestines, Pork Blood, trepan, lotus root starch, pumpkin etc are full of sodium. Patients whose urine volume under 1000ml must control the intake.

Kidney failure is different from other disease, reasonable diet is playing an important role in prevent disease from deteriorate, but the balanced diet can do nothing for kidney damage. Patients who want to overcome kidney disease must find effective treatments. Micro-Chinese medicine osmotherapy is recommended, this is based on traditional Chinese medicine and used external. It has proved having the function of recover the kidney damage and improve kidney function.

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