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Can Kidney Failure Patients Eat Mushroom

Time:  2014-01-27 06:14
 Can Kidney Failure Patients Eat MushroomMushroom is rich in nutrients, including essential amino acid, minerals and vitamins and polysacharin and other nutrients. Mushroom is considered as one kind of healthy foods of high protein and low fat. Eating mushroom in daily diet is able to promote the absorption of nutrition. For kidney failure patients, they usually follow a strict diet, so they are eager to know whether they can eat mushrooms. We will tell you the answer in the following.

Generally speaking, mushrooms can be eaten by renal failure patients due to the following healthy benefits.

1. Improve your body’s immunity

Some ingredients can enhance the function of I lymphocytes. Thereafter, your immune function fighting against various diseases will be increased. For diseases causing by low immunity or immune system disorder such as IgA Nephropathy, Lupus Nephritis, increased immunity can reduce the risk for this kind of disease, so patients can eat some mushrooms to increase their immunity to prevent diseases from occurring.

2. Mushroom can discharge toxins out of body.

The rough fiber, semi cellulose and lignin in the mushroom is able to keep the intestinal moisture and also discharge excess cholesterol and sugar out of your body. For this, mushroom contributes to the prevention of constipation, colorectal and arteriosclerosis. Besides, diabetes patients can eat mushrooms moderately.

3. Mushrooms are rich in vitamin D.

Vitamin D is very abundant in mushrooms, which is beneficial to the health of bone. We know healthy kidneys can keep balance of electrolytes such as phosphorus and calcium, while injured kidneys cannot excrete excess phosphorus out of the body, easily causing high phosphorus level. High phosphorus level will stop the absorption of calcium. In this condition, calcium is low in your body, which may lead to many bone problems such as bone pain and bine fracture. Eating mushroom can supplement some calcium to alleviate bone pain.

Besides, mushrooms can also lower high blood pressure effectively. For the above healthy benefits, renal failure patients can eat some mushrooms. However, they should eat them with proper amount and depend on their own illness conditions to decide whether they can eat it or not. 

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