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How to Keep Healthy Life Style to Avoid Kidney Failure

Time:  2015-07-02 14:07

Patients who have kidney disease are afraid of kidney failure when their renal function will be almost lost.

The patients should know some early symptoms of kidney failure:

1 Different patients have different symptoms, usually, they have anorexia, nausea, vomiting, mouth with urine smell of digestive system; tired, headache, dizziness, irritability, apathy, convulsions, coma of nervous system; high blood pressure, left ventricular hypertrophy, myocarditis, pericarditis, visual impairment of cardiovascular system.

2 There is metabolic acidosis in respiratory system, itchy skin with chromatosis, water and electrolyte balance disorder.

3 Kidney failure includes acute renal failure and chronic renal failure, when they develop into last stage, their renal function will lose or partly lose.

Pay attention to life style, many patients did not know the importance of diet, in fact, when they accept treatment, they should keep healthy diet to cooperate with treatment. There are some principles of diet for patients:

1 Patients should prefer soft food and avoid harden, greasy food. Because toxic substances are deposited in human body and the barrier of blood microcirculation which leads to congestion, erosion state of gastrointestinal mucosa, if they take harden or greasy food, it may scratch vessels in stomach. The patients of kidney disease have barrier of coagulation, it hard to hemostasis, it’s very dangerous for patients.

2 Patients should prefer light food and avoid acrid food. Many patients have congestion, erosion in gastrointestinal mucosa, if they have acrid food, it will make the erosion more serious and lead to vessel errhysis of stomach lining.

3 Pay attention to dog meat, mutton, beef and its by products. Chinese doctors think dog meat, mutton, beef and its by products is stimulating food. There are some examples that the patients of SLE and CGN have dead caused by these meat.

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