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Can Kidney Failure Patients Drink Coffee

Time:  2014-01-22 02:12

Can Kidney Failure Patients Drink CoffeeCan a kidney failure patient drink coffee? Coffee, as a common beverage, is loved by most people. It can stimulate the brain cortex, eliminate drowsiness, regulate heart functions and dilate blood vessels and diuretic effect, etc. Therefore, in daily life, people usually drink some coffee. However, for kidney failure patients, because of their special illness conditions, they are not allowed to drink coffee. Well, why kidney failure patients are not allowed to drink coffee? Follow us to find the answer.

1. Coffee can elevate blood pressure

We know one of the dominant functions of kidney is to regulate blood pressure. However, for kidney failure patients, their kidneys lose the ability of regulating blood pressure. In this condition, blood pressure is easily elevated.

Coffee is able to elevate blood pressure, so if kidney failure patients still drink too much coffee, high blood pressure will be worsened. Persistent high blood pressure can not only worsen kidney failure but also induce kidney damage directly. In this condition, kidney failure patients had better avoid drinking coffee.

2. Drinking too much coffee can lead to the loss of calcium.

It is said that caffeine in the coffee will lead to the loss of calcium. The low calcium in your body is related to osteoporosis. With kidney failure, patients usually have high phosphorus level and low calcium level. High phosphorus restrain the absorption of calcium, so if they drink too much coffee, they will have the risk for bone diseases.

3. Coffee is high in potassium

In kidney failure, the kidneys lose the ability of balancing electrolytes like potassium. Therefore,if your medical report shows high potassium in your body, you should not drink coffee which is because coffee is high in potassium. What is more, coffee is rich in oxalate and that is not good for preventing the formation of kidney stones.

Coffee is not good for controlling blood sugar level. Coffee will reduce the secretion of insulin, increase insulin excretion and reduce glucose tolerance and increase the blood sugar level.

In conclusion, kidney failure patients had better not drink too much coffee. As for healthy people, drinking too much coffee is not good, either. Too much coffee intake can disturb our sleep qualit

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