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What Causes the Failed Kidney in Kidney Failure

Time:  2014-03-21 06:09

What Causes the Failed Kidney in Kidney Failure  Kidney failure is a common word in our daily life and most kidney disease patients will be afraid to hear this word. Is there people around you has been diagnosed with kidney failure? Are you desire to know the causes of failed kidney, for you or for others, read on to know what causes the failed kidney in kidney failure?

General causes of the failed kidney in kidney failure

Renal failure is classified into two types, including acute renal failure and chronic renal failure. Acute renal failure may occur with serious illness or operation, especially those complicated by severe infection. Besides, sudden blockage to the drainage of urine from the kidney can cause damage, such as a kidney stone. Also, acute kidney damage can occur as a rare side effect of some medications and other rare conditions. Chronic renal failure may happen in case of inflammatory conditions affect the kidney tissue. What’s more, chronic renal failure may appear as a result of certain inherited conditions such as polycystic kidney disease.

Specific leading causes of the failed kidney in kidney failure

A. Diabetes

At present, diabetes is the first leading cause of chronic kidney disease, especially ESRD or kidney failure. If high blood sugar is uncontrolled effectively, it can damage blood vessels all over the body as well as kidneys. Within kidneys, tiny blood vessels are responsible for filtering out wastes. Diabetes can disturb this system, so as to cause kidney damage.

B. High blood pressure

Hypertension, secondary to diabetes, is another leading cause of kidney failure. Hypertension can cause the increase of pressure within blood vessels that leads to protein leaking from blood into urine. Once protein leaks out, it can cause damage to kidney filtering system. Finally, this results in vicious circle. Long-term damage causes irreversible kidney damage so that kidney fails in advance.

Through the above analysis, you have known the leading causes of failed kidney on kidney failure. If your friends or relatives have been diagnosed with kidney failure unfortunately, you should suggest them testing their body totally and receiving effective treatment in time. The earlier, the better. You can email your problem to chinesemedicinekidney@hotmail.com. We are here to help sincerely

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