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Cause of Kidney Failure

Time:  2015-07-07 08:54

Kidney failure means patients almost lose their renal function that eliminate the toxic substances, metabolites, wastes out of human body, when patients step into kidney failure, most of them have to do dialysis. People should make precaution for it in advance. So ,we need know the causes of kidney failure.

Generally speaking, the causes of kidney failure includes:

1 Toxic substances, the immunoreaction to the medicines, some infection like glomerulonephritis which lead to kidney failure.

2 Blood pressure declined suddenly, serious blooding, heart attack which lead to abnormal blood disorders.

3 There is some thing block the urinary tract infections, the urine can’t run out human body by themselves.

These are the explanations by western doctors, Chinese doctors also have our own statement:

1 The toxic substances from outside invade into human body, the patients’ viscera function is damaged. These factors includes wind-evil, insufficient or factors ZhongYang, internal exuberance of phlegm-damp, wet habitat damage the enter into patients’ body to degree their immune.

2 People exhaust their power, for example, people engaged in heavy manual labor for long time; people addict to porn and alcohol which lead to deficiency of kidney energy.

3 Unhealthy diet. Unhealthy diet includes people eat or drink too much, keep starvation for a long time and piddle which exhaust peoples’ archaeus.

4 Bad mood. If people is in unhappy statement for a long time, Qi is deposited in human body until it transfers into internal heat that damages the viscera function.

5 Wrong treatment. If patients delay the  time treatment, they use wrong medicines or wrong therapy, it will make serious damage for patients.

In all, it’s important for patients to make precaution in advance if the situation is not serious, though the patient step into kidney failure, they should keep healthy mood and diet.

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