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The Best Treatment for Kidney Cysts Patients

Time:  2014-08-31 03:36

Kidney cysts are abnormal, fluid- fill sacs that form in the kidneys and look like bubbles in the kidneys. When a person passes 50, they have more than 50% to develop simple cysts in their kidneys. The cysts may grow with the increase age. So patients with Kidney Cysts are eager to find the best treatment.

Before knowing the treatment of Kidney Cysts, let’s learn some symptoms of Renal Cysts.

Abdomen pain

The pain usually fixed and dull in one or two kidneys. As the cysts get bleeding and infections, the cysts will dangerous other organs and kidney functions and it will cause abdomen very painful.

High blood pressure

As the cysts grow, it will give much more pressure to blood vessels and cause blood insufficient, which can stimulate the secretion of renin causing high blood pressure. Even they have normal kidney functions, they will have more than 50% to have hypertension. When the kidney functions decline, the disease will worse sharply.


In most cases, hematuria will worsen low back pain. The arteries under cyst wall will rupture and bleed with the increased blood pressure and infections.

The treatment of renal cysts are as following:


You have to eliminate the cysts, if the kidney cysts are bigger enough and damaged kidney functions and other organs. Doctors may use a long needle inserting into your skin so as to drain cystic fluid out. However, it is more appropriate for single cyst and for cysts that on the surface of the kidney. Besides, the recurrent rate is very high. The cysts will frequently appear after surgery.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is the most advanced and natural therapy in the world. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy can achieve the function of renovating kidney functions. Once the kidney functions repaired, some painful symptoms will disappear. The Chinese herbs in Miro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is abstracted from plants. so it has few side effects. It is also external application, the Chinese herbs enter into kidney lesions directly, So it reduces the secretion of cyst fluid and expels out cyst fluid with urine, thus decreasing the size of kidney cysts gradually.

If you happen to suffer from renal cysts and want to know more about our systematic treatment, you can contact our online doctor or send email to chinesemedicinekidney@hotmail.com, we will tell you more.

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