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Natural Remedies for Kidney Cysts

Time:  2015-07-15 09:43

After diagnose, many patients find their kidneys have many cysts, basically, their renal function is impaired by wastes, metabolites and toxic substances that are deposited in human body .

There are some reasons that cause kidney cysts:

1 Congenital dysplasia. Congenital dysplasia can cause many diseases, for kidney, it may lead to medullary sponge kidney, hypogenetic kidney cysts.

2 Gene mutation. Some patients neither inherit their parents nor congenital dysplasia, it forms in their embryonic period, because of some factors’ influence, the gene mutation occur.

3 Diet. Unhealthy diet may cause kidney diseases.

4 Toxin. When the toxic substances are deposited in human body, it will impair other organs, thus the other disease occur even the human life.

5 Various infection. Infection may cause abnormal variation, it will create the environment where the cysts genes’ change occur.

6 Emotional factors. Bad emotion can disturb human nerve and internal secretion.

The best treatment for kidney cysts is the natural way to treat the disease. As we all know, Chinese medicines focus on the root of disease. Beijing tongshantang Hospital of traditional Chinese Medicine adopts Chinese herbal medicines. One of the therapy is called “Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy”, active material in traditional Chinese medicines can evoke remaining function of lamina cells in kidney and reverse and recover metabolism of normal cells.

Active material of Chinese medicine can go into kidney area to develop function of anti-inflammatory, anti-freezing, vessels expanding and ECM degrading by Micro Chinese medicine Osmotherapy. It can protects stabilization of endothelial cells of glomerular capillary from being activated and damaged again, thereby, it interdicts lunch factors of glomerulosclerosis, and prevent fibrotic process of tubulointerstitial.

At the same time, Chinese medicine active substances can activate and lunch self repairing system of inherent cells to prompt it rebirth and differentiation. They also rebuild glomerulus’ structure and recover filtration function of glomerulus. When the renal tubular epithelial cells are repaired, the renal tubule function which is absorbing and adjusting electrolyte and acid-base balance can be recovered, then the renal function is improved.

If you don’t want to accept surgery and treat disease from root, you can contact us by email: chinesemedicinekidney@hotmail.com.

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