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What Are The Common Symptoms of Kidney Cyst

Time:  2014-01-06 15:07

What Are The Common Symptoms of Kidney CystUsually, when the kidney cysts are less than 3cm in diameter, patients have no symptoms. But with growing cysts, they will oppress surrounding renal cells and tissues and may lead to the following common symptoms:

1. High blood pressure

The bigger cysts oppress kidneys causing lack of blood supply and stimulating more secretion of renin. In this case, high blood pressure appears. And when the kidney functions are normal, more than 50% patients still have hypertension. When the kidney function declines, the risk of hypertension is even higher.

2. Discomfort or pain in waist and abdomen

This is because enlargement and expansion of kidneys make renal capsule tension increased and the renal pedicle tractive or the surrounding organs oppressed. In this case, discomfort or pain in waist an abdomen will happen. Another reason is that there are many cysts on kidneys, which can cause much water in kidneys. For this, kidneys become very heavy and then kidneys will be in a state of tenesmus which will also lead to discomfort or pain in waist and abdomen. If there is bleeding or infection in cysts, it will worsen your pain.

3. Hematuria

It can be microscopic hematuria or gross hematuria. Hematuria will worsen back pain and strenuous exercises, physical trauma or infection can induce or worsen hematuria. There are many arteries under the cysts wall and the increased pressure or infections will cause blood vessels rupture and bleed.

4. Abdominal mass

This may be the main cause for patients going to hospital. 60% to 80% patients have enlarged kidneys. Generally speaking, the bigger kidneys are, the worse of kidney function is.

5. Proteinuria

Generally, the amount of protein is not too much and it does not exceed 2g in 24 hours. This proteinuria rarely developes to Nephrotic Syndrome.

6. Declined kidney function

Since there are cysts and oppression on kidneys, this normal kidney tissue decreases and the kidney function decreases gradually.

Some common symptoms of Kidney Cysts are given to you. If you have some of the symptoms and doubt you suffer from Kidney Cysts, you should go to hospital as soon as possible. Or you can send your illness condition to our online doctor, he will give you some suggestion according to your individualized illness conditions.

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