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Can Kidney Cyst Cause Blood Urine

Time:  2014-03-02 08:04

Can Kidney Cyst Cause Blood UrineMany people find blood in their urine. While, there are a number of causes of blood urine, such as glomerulopathy, infection, calculus and tumour. Then can kidney cyst cause blood urine?

Kidney cyst includes simple kidney cyst and less common complex kidney cyst. In general, simple kidney cyst can not cause symptom or sign. So people can live normally without noticing any symptom and discomfort. However, if cysts are too big, kidney cyst will cause some symptoms, blood urine is included.

How does kidney cyst cause blood urine?

Kidney is an important organ in our body, which can remove the waste and toxin from the body. It can also retain the nutritions that body needs in the body, one of them is red cell. But kidney function will decline with kidney cyst. The enlarged cyst will oppress kidney and cause kidney dysfunction. So some red cells will leak into urine. Blood urine occurs min this condition.

The other condition that can cause blood urine is ruptured cyst. When the kidney cysts are too big, they may rupture. So blood urine occurs. The cystic fluid will flow out of the cyst if cysts rupture. Urinary tract infection may be caused when cystic fluid flow through the ureter. Infection can also cause blood urine. If you want to know the clearer causes of blood urine, send an email to chinesemedicinekidney@hotmail.com.

What should we do with blood urine caused by kidney cyst?

The root of blood urine is kidney dysfunction. So what should we do is to treat kidney disease. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is strongly recommended to you here. It is based on the Traditional Chinese Medicine(TCM) and has no side effect to patients. The effective medicines will make a series of functions when they permeated into kidney lesions. This therapy can prevent epithelial cell secreting cystic fluid and increase the transparency of cystic wall. The different pressure of kidney in and outside will let cystic fluid flow out of the body. What is more important, kidney function will be improved a lot with this therapy.

If you are suffering from blood urine with kidney cyst. Do not worry about it too much. As long as you do not lose confidence to fight against the kidney cyst, there will be surprise waiting for you. Can kidney cyst cause blood urine? You are welcomed to leave a message below or talk to our online doctor. Good luck.

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