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What Are the Symptoms of Renal Parenchymal Disease

Time:  2014-02-28 07:33

May be you do not know the exact knowledge about kidney. Kidney tissues are divided into 2 underlying medical conditions and they are known as: renal vascular part and renal parenchymal part. And renal parenchymal disease refers to the damage that occurs in renal parenchyma.

The kidney’s filtration function attribute to the glomerulus. Once it was damaged, kidney will lose the ability of filtering waste and toxin from the body, causing many symptoms. Let’s learn the symptoms of renal parenchymal disease together.

As the causes are different, the symptoms of renal parenchymal disease may vary from person to person.

A. In diabetes, it may cause renal parenchymal disease, even kidney failure. The increased blood sugar will add heavy burden to the wall of blood vessels. High blood pressure occurs.

B. In Lupus Nephritis, patients will suffer from foamy urine; dark urine; swelling on face and feet due to the damaged glomerulus. Much protein will leak into urine.

C. In patients with constant kidney stone, damage to kidney cells and tissues can happen. Infection usually occurs in this condition. Swelling, high blood pressure and inflammation are the common symptoms of this disease.

About the treatment to renal parenchymal disease, you should treat the root cause. Because of the different illness conditions, patients are suggested to take a complete test and find the root cause first. This is the key for your doctor to take correct treatment. Besides that, health care, diet and exercise can also help you treat renal parenchymal disease.

In a word, you must find the above symptoms of renal parenchymal disease as soon as possible and ask for treatment. Only with the early detection and effective treatment can your disease keep away from you. If you have the symptoms that are not included in this article, you can talk to our online doctor to diagnose if you are suffering from renal parenchymal disease. Good luck!

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