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High Blood Pressure with Kidney Cysts

Time:  2014-02-24 08:21

High Blood Pressure with Kidney CystsHigh blood pressure is a popular word in recent years, assaulting about half of the people in the world. Kidney disease can also cause high blood pressure. Do you want to know more about high blood pressure with kidney cysts? Follow me.


We know that kidney cysts is manifested as kinds of cysts grow on the kidneys. These cysts grow quickly and increase the oppression to kidney tissues, and damage the kidney functions. This condition can lead to renal ischemia which can cause the increase of renin. Renin has the function of producing renin-angiotensin which undertakes the duty of shrinking blood vessels and rising blood pressure. The condition of high blood pressure will become serious with the enlargement of cysts. High blood pressure with kidney cysts makes many patients in trouble and affects their life quality badly. An effective treatment is necessary.


Hot Compress Therapy

Since high blood pressure is the result of kidney dysfunction, we must treat root problems at first. Hot compress therapy is what you are looking for. With two externally herb bags which filled with processed Chinese medicines adjoining your skin around the kidney position, the effective medicines will get into renal lesions with the help of osmoscope. The therapy has the functions of expanding blood vessels and anti-coagulation and shrinking kidney cysts remarkably. What is more, it can repair the kidney damage and increase the kidney functions. So, high blood pressure will be relieved from root.

Diet treatment

For patients with high blood pressure, diet should be noticed carefully.

#You should limit the sodium and fluids during meal to avoid water-sodium retention and increasing the condition of high blood pressure.

# Low-protein is recommend. You should eat high-quality protein foods. Eggs, fish and lean meat are suggested to take.

# Fresh vegetables and fruits are good for you.

About high blood pressure with kidney cysts, you do not need to get worried a lot. As long as you keep a good mood and treat it actively, high blood pressure will get away from you and so kidney cysts. Have problems? Go and send an email to chinesemedicinekidney@hotmail.com. We will do our best to help you.

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