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Can Kidney Pain Be Caused By Kidney Cysts

Time:  2014-02-11 03:53

Can Kidney Pain Be Caused By Kidney CystsIs kidney pain caused by kidney cysts? Kidney cyst is a kidney problem marked by fluid filled sacs located in the kidneys. When the cysts are getting bigger and bigger, in some cases they may rupture. Thus, related symptoms are going to occur. Kidney pain is one of the most common symptoms of kidney cyst.

What causes kidney pain in kidney cyst?

Cysts are located externally on the kidneys and becoming enlarged and pressing against other structures in the body. The pressure caused by growing cysts may lead to kidney cysts rupture. Ruptured kidney cysts are able to cause kidney pain. Kidney pain can be felt between the ribs and lower back on either right or left side of the body. Also this kind of pain is often sharp, piercing pain and sometimes will occur of and on.

Now that you have know what causes kidney pain in kidney cysts, here are some common causes of kidney pain.

Common causes of kidney pain

1. Kidney stones

One of the most common causes of kidney pain is kidney stones. This is because a kidney stone often gets stuck in the ureter on the way from the kidneys to the bladder. In this case, the blockage of the ureter is what causes severe kidney pain.

2. Kidney infection

An infection in the kidneys can also cause kidney pain. A kidney infection is able to cause inflammation of the organ’s tissue, which makes the tissues swell to an abnormal size. In this condition, when the kidneys are stretched, it usually causes a person sharp pain in their back.

3. Polycystic kidney disease

Polycystic kidney disease, causing large, fluid-filled cysts on the kidneys and sometimes on the liver, leads to pain.

4. Blocked urine flow

In some cases, a person may suffer from a blocked urine flow which is not related to kidney stones. This may be caused by a gradual accumulation of blockage over time. It is a rare case in which a person may feel a dull pain initially, but with time going on, it will become severe.

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