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Is Exophytic Renal Cyst Hereditary

Time:  2014-01-31 07:07

Is Exophytic Renal Cyst HereditaryQ: My husband has 2 exophytic renal cysts on his kidneys. Because his brother has exophytic renal cyst which has developed into cancer, my husband is scared if this kind of cyst is hereditary?

A: thank you for your questions, and please be patient to read on my answer.

First, you should you what exophytic renal cyst is. Exophytic renal cyst is a cyst that grows from the inside-out from the organ within the kidney, which also can cause build up of water.

Types of renal cysts

One is simple renal cyst, which only contains fluid upon observation, which is seen as either yellow or clear in color after it’s been removed. This kind of cyst does not have a risk for future kidney cancer. In this case, your husband should do test to determine its type. If the type is simple renal cyst, he can breathe a sigh of relief knowing this detail.

The other is complex renal cyst which is the opposite of the previous kind. This is because the cyst is irregular when the lining is observed along with its shape as well. The risk for future cyst depends on the type. That is to say, if it is a cyst which has fine walls or those which are coarse and thick, it would mean that the cyst is malignant in nature. In this condition, it poses a risk for developing into kidney cancer.

Apart from the above types of cyst, in special case, cysts will be calcified which refers that there are visible traces of calcium deposits within the cyst. This kind of cyst gets blood supply which is noticeable during radiologic testing. This case may be treated since it can proven to be cancerous. This case should attract your occasion.

What causes kidney cyst?

There are certain kidney problems that trigger the onset of these renal cyst and the cysts take form within the kidneys gradually. Some cyst may not be noticed by patients, since simple renal cysts are harmless and not cancerous.

Medullary cystic kidney-these are small sized cysts which grow in both kidneys. If they are not treated for a long run, the kidneys can fail. Thus, dialysis is needed as a treatment measure.

Normal cyst-they are found in healthy kidneys and are not triggered by other diseases.

Polycystic kidney disease, including infantile PKD and adult PKD-this kind of cyst is hereditary and grows as early as from one’s childhood.

Medullary Sponge Kidney-this kind of cyst is less likely to lead up to kidney failure.

For your husband’s case, the first thing he should do is to determine which type of his cyst is, since renal treatment methods that are suitable for patients range from ordinary to complicated depending on what type of problem one belongs to. Any doubt, you can consult us at any time.

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