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IgA Nephropathy and serious itching skin: are there other treatments except dialysis

Time:  2014-08-19 07:43

IgA Nephropathy is caused by immune system disorders. Immune complex accumulates in mesangial cell which lead to various symptoms. Perhaps itching skin is the most remarkable symptoms. Perhaps most IgA Nephropathy patients will choose dialysis to alleviate itching skin. But there also many patients who cannot stand dialysis, searching the alternative treatments.

Kidney playing the role of filter toxins and metabolite through kidneys. The healthy kidney can discharge these toxins in time to maintain normal activities. Once the kidney get damaged, the GFR will decline meanwhile creatinine arise. These toxins will stimulate patients’ skin, causing itching skin. In addition, because of the metabolic disorders, amount of phosphorus will arise, hyperphosphatemia is also the reason of itching skin.

Dialysis is the substitution therapy of kidneys. With the help of machine, toxins and metabolic can be discharged out of the body. There is no doubt that dialysis can alleviate itching skin in some extent. However, while treating the illness, side effects accompany. Such as dialysis syndrome, vomiting and nausea, headache and so on may appear, worsen the itching skin.

About this symptom, blood stasis is recommended. This is different from traditional dialysis, make use of Chinese medicine to clean the blood. First, eliminate the toxins which adhere to the cells wall and blood. Then according to the patients’ condition provide necessary nutritions for kidney. Thus can provide a good environment for treatments.

Then Micro-chinese medicine osmotherapy has a good effects in solving this problem. This is based on traditional Chinese medicine but used external. We all know that Chinese medicine has a long history in treating various diseases. First, the doctor will give corresponding medicine according to the patients’ condition, then smash them. Second, putting them into two bags and place them under the lower back of the patients. With the help of osmosis device and patients’ skin, effective materials will be sent into the kidney directly playing a role of expand blood vessels, anti-inflammation, anti-cogulation, degradation, promote blood circulation, promote DNA replication of damaged kidney cells, provide nutrition for kidneys. Thus repair kidney damage and improve kidney function.

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