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Natural Treatment for IgA Nephropathy with Edema

Time:  2014-06-01 06:48

Edema in IgA Nephropathy is a troublesome sign, it indicates the decline of renal function. Well, how to treat edema in IgA nephropathy naturally?

Generally speaking, edema experiences in face, eyes, legs, ankles, feet, it can be found easily and brings great pain to patients and their families. In normal case, kidneys can reserve useful substances in body, and control the balance of water and potassium element. In IgA nephropathy, due to renal damage, the failed kidneys can not carry out its function normally, so, water-potassium retention and loss of massive protein will cause edema.

If no effective method is given, the edema will become more severe and renal injury will be aggravated. If left alone, it is possible to cause kidney Failure, which is the most serious condition of IgA nephropathy. So, how to treat edema effectively?

In Beijing tongshantang Hospital of traditional Chinese Medicine, our characterized therapy called Immunotherapy can relieve edema by treating renal damage. By rebuilding a new immune system and using the immune system to fight against immune system damage, since most kidney diseases are related to immune system disorder, especially IgA nephropathy. Because the disease is immune system disease, so, it is easy to relapse. By now, the common treatments are focused on controlling the signs and complications, once patients have cold, fever, bleeding, immune system disorder will flare up, which causes kidney damages come back.

However, Immunotherapy can prevent the relapse from the root by rebuilding a new immune system, so, edema in IgA nephropathy can be relieved effectively. In addition, the method can not cause any side effects to patients’ body. For more details of the original way in our hospital? Send an email to chinesemedicinekidney@hotmail.com, we will provide more info for you freely.

Do you know how to treat edema in IgA nephropathy naturally? Please do not lose hope with life, leave a message below, we are always here to help you.

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