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How to Relive Headache in IgA Nephropathy

Time:  2016-05-03 19:36

IgA Nephropathy tends to occur in children and adolescents, men more than women slightly. A few patients have respiratory tract infection or allergic reaction before the appearance of morbidity. About two-thirds of the patients with large quantity of proteinuria and severe edema, urine protein quantity can be in 1 ~ 30 g/d, about more than 50% of the patients with hematuria, microscopic haematuria, accidentally see gross hematuria. About 30% ~ 50% of adult patients with slight persistent hypertension or characterized by chronic nephritis syndrome, patients’ 24 h urine protein < 3.5 g/d, with unconspicuous edema, hematuresis, hypertension and renal insuffisency.

How the patients get this disease? Patients have low immunity, inflammatory cells invade into kidney to form immune complex deposit which deposit in the glomerular capillary loops, these immune complex deposit is caused by infection of inflammatory cells. When the epithelial cells lose their compound function of negatively charged barrier, the proteins with negative charged will run out of the body with urine, at the same time, epithelial cells get hurt then translate into myofibroblasts which lead to kidney fibrosis.

The normal treatment is eliminate urine protein by hormon or immunosuppressor, but the effect is unsatisfactory because FSGS is not sensitive to hormone. This treatment ignore the root of the disease-repaire of epithelial cells.

Beijing tongshantang Hospital of traditional Chinese Medicine has professional treatment which combine anti-inflammatory, anti-freezing, degrading toxic substance and expanding blood vessels. In the use of medicine, we emphasize on Chinese medicine base on the western medicine and we improve the effect of Chinese and western medicine as well as our own preparations which play an important role in comprehensive treatment of Chinese and western medicine. We called it: Micro Chinese medicine block renal fibrosis infiltration method. Practice shows that it has effect for repairing epithelial cells of glomerular capillary. The state of illness can be improved if the damaged epithelial cells are repaired, proteinuria will disappear when the function of epithelial cells recover, then the recurrence rate will be reduced.

The disease can be cured if the medicine and therapy combined well.

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