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How to Regulate Blood Pressure in IgA Nephropathy

Time:  2015-01-26 17:22

IgA Nephropathy with high blood pressureSome patients are told that their blood pressure is much higher than normal by their doctors. Regulating blood pressure is the most difficult step in the treatment of IgA Nephropathy.

In case of IgA Nephropathy, many immune complexes being deposited in the kidneys, casing high blood pressure. High blood pressure will damage blood vessels in the kidneys, losing their normal kidney function, reducing their ability to work properly. If the blood flow is high, blood vessels need to stretch so that blood flow more easily. This stretching scars and make damage to blood vessels throughout the body, including those in the kidneys. The kidneys stop removing wastes and extra fluid from the body because of the damaged blood vessels, thus creating a vicious circle.

Some medications that decreases blood pressure can slow down the progression of kidney disease. The most common one is ACEI and ARBs, which has been proved to be effective to slow down the progression of kidney disease.

Additionally, a health eating plan can help lower blood pressure. The health eating plan is low in fat and cholesterol. The foods which are low fat milk, dairy products, fish, poultry, and nuts are suggested by the renal doctors. And the foods are rich in nutrients, protein and fiber are also high recommended by the renal experts.

What is more, consuming too much alcohol will raise blood pressure, so patients should keep away from alcoholic drinks as soon as possible. Smoking also damage blood vessels, raising the chance of high blood pressure, so patients should get rid of smoking as soon as possible.

Patients with consistent high blood pressure should keep regular physical activity and reduce the risks of the progression of kidney disease.

The key point of regulating blood pressure is to find out a regular treatment to improve kidney function, only be this mean, blood pressure can be eased fundamentally.

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