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How to Reduce Creatinine 6.6 on Hypertensive Nephropathy without Dialysis

Time:  2015-01-03 13:54

How to Reduce Creatinine 6.6 on Hypertensive Nephropathy without DialysisHow to reduce creatinine 6.6 on Hypertensive Nephropathy ? This is a concerned issues by the majority of people.

What does creatinine 6.6 on Hypertensive Nephropathy mean?

Creatinine is a waste product from the normal breakdown of muscle tissue. As creatinine is produced, it is filtered through the kidneys and excreted in the form of urine. When the kidney damage occur, creatinine would be deposited in the kidneys, if it can not be treated properly, the creatinine level would be higher and higher. Hypertensive Nephropathy occur due to the longer term of hypertension. Long term of high blood pressure will damage the blood vessels around your kidneys and heart. As the blood vessels in your heart become damaged, they will lose their effectiveness in screening the wastes from your body. This increases the fluids and creatinine in your body and increases your blood pressure even more, thus forming a vicious circle. On this regard, patients should receive the treatment timely to prevent the further damage in the blood vessels.

How to reduce creatinine 6.6 on Hypertensive Nephropathy?

It is the damaged kidney cells that leads to high creatinine level, therefore, repairing injured kidney cells and recovering their normal kidney function is the most fundamental way to bring down the elevated creatinine level. Is there any treatment to repair injured cells?

The natural treatment in Beijing tongshantang Hospital of traditional Chinese Medicine can beneficial patients a lot to reduce high creatinine level fundamentally, safely and naturally. If you want to know more details about the natural treatments, you can send email to chinesemedicinekidney@hotmail.com.

The natural treatments are Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, Medicated Bath, Foot Bath.

The natural treatments serve as the most effective treatment to dilating blood vessels, promote blood circulation, protect the health cells from damaging and prevent the inherent cells in the kidneys from running into fibrosis, have less dialysis or even stop dialysis.  The elevated creatinine should be reduced correspondingly with the improvement of kidney function. 

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