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Frequent Urination May Indicate Hypertensive Nephropathy

Time:  2014-01-10 10:03

Kidney is the organ that takes charge of producing urine, so when there is something wrong with our kidneys, we will experience a series of symptoms like frequent urination at night, bubbly urine, decreased urine output, blood urine and urgency of urination and so on. Hypertensive Nephropathy is a kidney disorder that usually arises from years of uncontrolled high blood pressure. Frequent urination at night is the early sign of this problem, so for patients who have lived with Hypertension for many years, it is of great importance for them to notice if they are suffering from this symptoms.

Causes of frequent urination at night in Hypertensive Nephropathy

The appearance of frequent urination at night in Hypertensive Nephropathy is due to damage on renal tubule. Kidney is a bean-shaped organ and works through a group of kidney tissues like glomerulus and renal tubule. Glomeruli are responsible for filtering blood and for renal tubule, it helps to reabsorb nutrition and fluids leaked from glomerular filtration membrane. With the cooperation of these two kinds of kidney tissues, blood is purified successfully.

For an individual with years of Hypertension, persistent high blood pressure damage renal tubule and makes it failed in reabsorbing nutrition and fluids leaked from glomerular filtration membrane. In such a case, these fluids get out of the body as the form of urine. In day time, blood flow over the whole body and supply our body with necessary nutrition and oxygen. At night, physical activity reduces, and consumption of nutrition and oxygen from blood decrease too. At that time, much more blood flow through kidney and much more urine is formed. This is the reason why Hypertensive Nephropathy patients always have frequent urination at night.

Other symptoms of Hypertensive Nephropathy aside from frequent urination at night

Frequent urination at night is just one of the symptoms of Hypertensive Nephropathy, and aside from it, patients also experience proteinuria, hematuria, mild back pain, swelling in face and limbs and so on. Occurrence of these symptoms all results from decreased kidney function, so only when injured renal tubules are repaired and kidney function is improved greatly, can these symptoms, including frequent urination at night, be alleviated fundamentally.

As of now there is no cure for Hypertensive Nephropathy, but this does not mean what we can do is to wait for dialysis or kidney transplant. Over years of clinical experiments, some Chinese medicines are proven to be able to repair injured kidney intrinsic cells and improve blood flow in kidney. With the help of these medicines, Hypertensive Nephropathy can be treated well. Therefore, even if we are diagnosed with hypertensive kidney problem, we should not be worried and seize every chance to improve kidney condition and life expectancy.

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