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Can Creatinine 8.7 with FSGS be Lowered by Chinese Medicine

Time:  2017-02-27 17:07

Recently,about43.3percentfocal segmental glomerulosclerosis patients with high creatinine level have the same question that how could they reduce creatinine level,they all suffered from countless pain and a series of discomforts toward kidney disease. As we all know,creatinine level is divided into five stages according to glomerular filtration rate. It is a standard of measuring the extend of kidney function damage. Therefore,it is imperative for kidney disease patients to figure out the treatments of FSGS with high creatinine level.

More or less,you have ever attempted a vary of treatments that origin from your own country,for instance,dialysis as well as injecting antibiotic and so on. They all benefit from kidney function in some degree.That because our kidney is surrounded by a lot of toxin as well as overmuch water ,which lead to kidney function impaired. While Chinese medicine takes great advantage of main and collateral channels that spread all over our body system to recovery the vitality of kidney so as to lower creatinine level radically. Different from traditional treatments,having barely side effect and distinguished therapy ,operate as soon as possible.

Moxibustion Therapy

Adjust qi and blood in meridians by moxibustion, making flow of qi and blood smooth, harmonizing viscera, and nourishing and fixate defensive qi. In this way, body resistance can be restored. The therapeutic aim of retaining healthy qi in human body and resisting attack of pathogenic factors is achieved.

Full Bath Therapy

With the aid of warm gas in medicines and medicinal soup, promote flow of meridians and qi and blood, make pores open and acupoints unimpeded. The medicines for full bath permeate into striae and meridians through pores and acupoints, enter into viscera along meridians, disperse lung and open orifice, warm kidney and strengthen yang.

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