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How to Keep Away From Headache on FSGS

Time:  2015-01-07 10:34

headache on FSGSI believe that all of patients are familiar with headache. For someone who suffer from lighted headache, they are prescribed with painkillers to alleviate headache, for someone who experience serious headache and persistent headache, they should seek for regular treatment as soon as possible because it could be a underlying causes of kidney problem.

What causes headache on FSGS?

High blood pressure

Patients with FSGS are more likely to suffer from some complications, high blood pressure is one of them. High blood pressure is a primary cause for headache. You need to monitor your blood pressure regularly.


In case of FSGS, the kidney can not function well, insufficient erythropoietin can not be supplied to the kidneys or brain, on this regard, patients will experience headache.

The accumulation of toxic substances

The normal kidneys are responsible to clear out the toxic substances out of body. When the kidneys are attacked by FSGS, many toxins and much fluid being retained in blood, many toxins and much fluid will get into other body parts in body, including brain.

How to alleviate headache on FSGS ?

We know the root causes of headache on FSGS, and we should deal with it from root. The root causes of headache is insufficient kidney function. So the treatment of headache on FSGS should aim at improving kidney function. The natural treatments in China contribute a lot to improve kidney function. The natural treatments are Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, Medicated Bath, “four ‘one ’”Treatment.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is a complete natural and external treatment, the active substances can arrive at kidney lesions due to the external effects.

Medicated Bath is applied with a medicated water in which patients need to take a bath. After medicated bath, patients will sweat a lot, the toxic substances can be expelled out of body along with large amount of sweat and urine.

“Four ‘one ’”Treatment is consist of a bottle of Maikang Composition, a dose of oral Chinese medicine, a dose of external application with Chinese medicine, a basin of foot bath with Chinese medicine. This natural treatment out emphasis on the renovation of kidney function.

As long as the kidney function improves, some symptoms will be alleviated correspondingly.

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