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What is Life Expectancy for FSGS with High Creatinine Level

Time:  2014-10-23 18:37

life expectancy for FSGSGenerally speaking, the life expectancy concerns patients and their family member most, this article will introduce you what is the life expectancy for FSGS with high creatinine level.

In the early stage, usually especially at night, patients feel it is hard to sleep since they can not control the frequency of urinating. Sequentially, a large amount of protein leakage into urine will occur.

Speaking of the cause of FSGS, literally, we can see through, lots of immune complex build up in the kidneys . As we all know, kidney is an organ functioning as filtrating toxin in our human body, preventing protein and blood out of blood vessel.

Here, so many patients share one common with each other: what is life expectancy for FSGS with high creatinine level? As a matter of fact, as long as you can ,your life is not fated. Usually, in terms of western medicine remedy, doctors prefer to only have one way,ACEI and ARB, which just can control high blood pressure instead of improving kidney function. Finally, all patient still keep living with high creatinine level ,even sometimes blood pressure is stable after taking ACEI and ARB. That is to say, protein leakage still exits to erode glomerlar membrane. On the contrary, Chinese medicine with the basic theory, enlarging blood vessel, anti inflammation, anticoagulation, degradation, does help to FSGS patients.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy

It is a external application. It takes effects on repairing the blood vessels, it is applied with two medicated bags, the main ingredients in the two medicated bags are selected according to patients own illness condition, so as to improve the efficiency the Chinese medicine. And then patients need to lie down on the medicated bags. The active substance can enter into kidney lesions directly, thus can eliminating the wastes products more completely.

Medicated Bath

It is used with the medicated water. Patients need to immersed their feet into the medicated water, which can speed up the blood circulation of whole body. Through this application, the immune complexes can be expelled with large amount of sweat.

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