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How Is The Prognosis Of FSGS

Time:  2014-01-07 15:37

How Is The Prognosis Of FSGSFocal segmental glomerulosclerosis(FSGS) is one leading cause of Nephrotic Syndrome both in adults and children. However, the prognosis of FSGS is not so good as people expected. This is because treatment and one’s own healthy condition determines the prognosis of FSGS. And here, you can get a comprehensive understanding of FSGS prognosis.

Different treatment may have a different prognosis. In the following we state the detailed prognosis of FSGS according to different treatment.

1. Steroid treatment for FSGS

FSGS is difficult to treat. Steroids are often used to remit patients’ condition. In some cases, one course of steroid can produce outstanding effects particularly when patients have a massive proteinuria in their urine. However, a long-term use of steroid are more likely to trigger many side effects. Besides, some people are resistant to steroid. For these factors, steroid treatment leads to a poor prognosis for FSGS patients.

2. Immunosuppressive agents for FSGS

Clinical researches reveal that immunosuppressive agents such as prednisone can remit 40 to 80 percent of FSGS with relatively preserved renal function, but meanwhile it can also low immunity and do nothing to the damaged kidney function. In this condition, patients’ illness condition easily relapses.

3. The prognosis of Immunotherapy

Immunotherapy combines western medicines and Chinese herbal medicines. Your doctor first uses western medicines to control patients’ illness conditions. Western medicines has a quick effect on controlling symptoms of FSGS but fails to treat the disease fundamentally. Therefore, use western medicines to control symptoms and then use Chinese herbal medicine to treat disease from the root. Immunotherapy can not only control patients’ condition but also repair their damaged kidney function with the help of various Chinese herbal medicines. Immunotherapy can enhance patients’ curative ability, regulate their immune system and bring enough blood and oxygen to the impaired kidney tissues. After some time, patients’ kidney function and prognosis will be improved. However, it may need a longer time, so if you want to have a try of immunotherapy you should be more patient.

Different treatment for FSGS may have a different prognosis. The most suitable treatment instead of the best treatment is more important for you, so you had better choose the correct treatment for yourself so as not to delay your illness conditions.

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