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What Are The Symptoms of Diabetic Kidney Disease

Time:  2018-02-14 10:44

Diabetic kidney disease is also called Diabetic Nephropathy. Compared with other types of Chronic Kidney Disease, Diabetic Kidney Disease can cause many symptoms and complications. Well, what are the common symptoms of Diabetic Nephropathy?

1. The Albumin or protein in the urine

When the filtering System of the kidneys is attacked by high levels of Blood Sugar, Albumin or Protein is more likely to escape from the blood in the urine. In the initial stage, diabetic kidney disease patients usually have no obvious symptoms. However, with the progression of Renal Disease, foamy urine becomes more and more obvious.

2. High blood pressure

High Blood Pressure usually is accompanied by the onset of diabetic kidney disease, and it is an important factor to affect the prognosis of diabetic kidney disease. Proteinuria are in high blood pressure that it will accelerate the process to end stage renal disease.

3. Edema or Fluid Retention

When the kidneys are unable to filter The Blood normally, excess Fluid is more likely to hold in the body, resulting in edema. Protein loss is another cause of retention of liquid. In this case, patients should limit their Fluid intake and take correct Medications such as diuretics and ACEI with Doctors guidance.

4. Sweet Taste in the mouth

If the Blood Sugar Is Not controlled very well, the added Sugar can accumulate in different parts of the body. So sweet Taste in the mouth occurs easily.

5 renal anemia and fatigue.

Fatigue is a sign of renal anemia, which is normally the result of renal function decline. This is because the diseased kidneys cannot produce enough EPO, that is responsible for Stimulating the body to produce red blood cells. Then, renal anemia occurs.

These are only some Symptoms caused by Diabetic Nephropathy. Do you have one or more of these symptoms, you can consult ONLINE DOCTOR to determine how to manage effectively. Of course, you can contact us directly:

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