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Can Porteinuria be Eliminated in Diabetic Nephropathy

Time:  2015-03-05 21:49

Diabetic Nephropathy with ProteinuriaTo a large extent, several patients with Diabetic Nephropathy wil suffer from proteinuria, so patients are wondering why do they suffer from proteinuria and more importantly, how to eliminate proteinuria in Diabetic Nephropathy?

How dose proteinuria occur in Diabetic Nephropathy?

Diabetic Nephropathy is the main complications of Diabetes. In the kidneys, there are millions of tiny blood vessels and tiny holes in them, which acts as filters. Small molecules like waste products can leak through holes when blood flows through the holes. Some useful substances which are consumed from the foods such as protein and red blood cells are too big to pass through the holes and they will say in the body. In case of diabetes, high level of blood sugar will damage this system. High levels of blood sugar make the kidneys filter too much, which damages the filters in the kidneys. As time goes by, the filters can not filer the things we eat. And then, the damaged filers begin to leak protein in the urine. Id the injury to the blood filers get worse, larger amounts of protein begin to leak into the urine.

While, is there any treatment to deal with proteinuria in Diabetic Nephropathy?

Since proteinuria is caused by high levels of blood sugar in the body, to some extent, having a good control of blood sugar can beneficial for patients with Diabetic Nephropathy. The medications of ACEI and ARBs are commonly used to control proteinuria. They also can slow down the progression of kidney damage. Patients with longer term of the medications will rely on it, because once patients stopping using it, the symptoms will relapse once again.

The best way to eliminate proteinuria is to improve kidney function. Once the kidney function improves, the function of filters also can be improved correspondingly. The natural treatments in Beijing tongshantang Hospital of traditional Chinese Medicine are provided to improve kidney function fundamentally.

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