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Can Almond Be Eaten By Diabetic Nephropathy Patients

Time:  2014-02-09 08:18

Can Almond Be Eaten By Diabetic Nephropathy PatientsAlmond is rich in vitamin, protein and calcium and other trace minerals. These minerals can supplement required nutrition of your body. Besides, abundant fibrosis in almond can decrease high cholesterol, high blood pressure and high blood sugar. Then can diabetic nephropathy patients eat almond?

Generally speaking, the nutrients in foods decide whether you can eat it or not. Well, what are healthy benefit of almond?

1. Decrease blood sugar

Amygdalin in the almond is able to decrease blood sugar, so for diabetic nephropathy patients, eating almond properly contributes to the alleviation of symptoms and delaying further kidney damage.

2. Reduce blood fat

It is said that by medical report almond can decrease high blood fat level obviously. And expert, Spiller thinks that mono-unsatarated fatty acid is helpful for reducing elevated blood fat. And high blood fat patients have no need to control diet tightly.

3. Reduce high cholesterol level

Rich fatty oil is contained in almond, which works to decrease high cholesterol level. Thus, almond plays a significant role in preventing the occurrence of cardiovascular disease. What’ s more, the almond is flavonoid-rich and polyphenol-rich food, which can not only decrease the amount of cholesterol in your body, but also reduce the risk for heart attack disease and other chronic diseases.

4. Help alleviate bone problems

Almond contains calcium, which can be used as a calcium supplement to alleviate your bone problems like bone pain and bone fracture. Bone problems is caused by low calcium level in your blood, and this is because damaged kidneys fail to keep electrolytes in balance, causing high phosphorus level. High phosphorus level will forbid your body absorbing enough calcium. In this condition, bone problems occur.

However,not all diabetic nephropathy patients can eat almond. For diabetic nephropathy patients with high potassium or high phosphorus level, they should avoid eating almond, because high potassium level can cause irregular heartbeat, and high phosphorus is able to lead to vomiting and weakness as well as muscle cramps. Therefore, you should decide if you can eat almond or not according to your own illness conditions.

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