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Does Creatinine 3.9 on Stage 3 CKD Need Dialysis

Time:  2014-12-12 16:29

Does Creatinine 3.9 on Stage 3 CKD Need DialysisCreatinine is a metabolic waste product of muscle tissues and the creatine that we take form. And it is excreted out of body by the glomerular filtration function in the form of urine. The creatinine will build up in the kidneys because of the kidney damage. When the creatinine in the body reach to a certain level, dialysis is needed to eliminate it. While, does creatinine 3.9 on stage 3 CKD need dialysis? The renal experts will the explanation as following.

When dialysis is needed?

It depends on various factors, that is to say, the best time to do dialysis depends on individual illness condition. When the kidneys can not function well and he begin to suffer from symptoms, such as nausea and vomiting, he should do dialysis to improve the current condition. And when a patients have normal urine output and dose not experience some symptoms, even if his creatinine is higher than normal, he can stay with this condition without dialysis. As for patients with severe complications, even though his creatinine level is not so high, he should start dialysis early. And for patients with diabetes and hypertension, they should start dialysis early then other kidney disease patients.

Although dialysis can do patients a favor to reduce high creatinne level, but patients will suffer from the side effects of dialysis more than the good effects of dialysis. You can read more about the side effects of dialysis,

How to deal with creatinine 3.9 on stage 3 CKD?

Lowing creatinine level is always the focus for patients with kidney disease, but, reducing high creatinine level only can not treat the kidney disease fundamentally. On the contrary, it will aggravate the illness condition. Is there any treatment that can deal with kidney disease fundamentally. Renovation of kidney function is the fundamentally way for creatinine 3.9 on stage 3 CKD. Read more about how can Micro-Chinese Medicine reduce high creatinine level.

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