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What is Life Expectancy of Stage 4 CKD Patients

Time:  2014-10-28 14:42

What is Life Expectancy of Stage 4 CKD Patients A lot of people are intrigued about stage 4 Chronic Kidney Disease life expectancy. It is very hard to tell you the exact answer, but you do what you can do to improve the life expectancy for stage 4 CKD.

It can not be neglected that a lot of people fear that it will affect the life expectancy. However, you can make efforts to reversed the side effects of advanced kidney disease, so as to increase your life expectancy.

In order to improve the life expectancy of stage 4 CKD, you have to control some complications. Stage 4 CKD denotes that the accumulation of urea and other waste products that are supposed to be excreted out of body along with urine. Otherwise, the increase amounts of these wastes substances can seriously affect the person’s other organs, which can drastically patient’s life expectancy. Therefore, controlling these complications can contribute a lot to slow down the progression of the kidney disease. In most cases, it is the complications that can kill you, not the kidney disease itself.

When the toxic substances in the kidneys reach to a certain level, dialysis is used to eliminated the wastes products out of body. Dialysis also can alleviate some serious complications temporarily , such as high blood pressure, anemia, headache, and so on. What is more, dialysis can extend the life expectancy greatly, however, dialysis can cause many side effects to patients, like anemia, various infections.

Kidney transplantation not only can prolong the life expectancy, but also can help patients to end up to some serious complications of stage 4 CKD. But, it takes much more energy and money to fight against the reaction of rejection.

In addition to the treatments that the above mentioned, the key point for improving the life expectancy is to seek for a proper a effective treatment. Hot Compress Therapy is a external application. The concentration of the treatment is to expend blood vessels, so as to improve the microcirculation of whole body. The toxic substances can be eliminated out of body along with urine. And your life expectancy also can be improved as the improvement of kidney function.

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