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Is Dialysis Helpful for Stage 4 CKD Patients to Reduce High Creatinine Level

Time:  2014-09-20 09:55

Dialysis is highly recommended for people to reduce high creatinine level, but is dialysis helpful to reduce high creatinine level? Let’s have a look together.

In fact, there is still no exact answer to tell you whether dialysis is helpful for stage 4 CKD patients to reduce high creatinine level, because patients’ condition is different from person to person, if stage 4 CKD patients have high creatinine level but they have no obvious complications such as anemia, high blood pressure, it is not necessary to have dialysis. The other condition is that although your creatinine level is not up to a certain level, you have some serious complications. You need to have dialysis to remove out the risk factors that affects the patients’ life, to save the kidney function and to prolong the life expectancy.

However, you have to know that dialysis can remove out the toxin in the blood, but it can not replace the kidney to work as well as the kidney do. At the same time, it results in many side effects to your body.

The problem that the creatinine level is high occurs, because your kidney can not work well. To this regard, the most important thing you should do is to repair your kidney function. There is still no effective treatment to repair kidney function in western countries. Luckily, Traditional Chinese Medicine has the function to restore the kidney function. Numerous experts in Beijing tongshantang Hospital of traditional Chinese Medicine made great effort to develop a series of scientific treatments to help patients get rid of suffering. “Four ‘one ’”treatment is a innovation of Traditional Chinese Medicine. This treatment including a bottle of Maikang Composition, a dose of external application with Chinese medicine, an oral Chinese medicine, a basin of foot bath with Chinese medicine.

During the process of treatment, you need to drink Maikang Composition and oral Chinese medicine everyday, besides, you also need to have the external application and foot bath to strengthen the effects of Maikang Composition and oral Chinese medicine. As the application of this treatment for several times, you will feel much better, because the creatinine level will be reduced and swelling in your body also disappear gradually.

To some extent, dialysis is helpful for stage 4 CKD patients to reduce high creatinine level, but, Traditional Chinese Medicine can reduce high creaitnine level from repairing your kidney function and has few side effects.

If you want to know more details about Traditional Chinese Medicine, you can leave a message about your own illness condition to chinesemedicinekideny@hotmail.com. We will reply you as soon as possible.

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