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How to Treat Hyperphosphatemia in Chronic Kidney Disease

Time:  2014-05-10 09:20

Hyperphosphatemia in chronic kidney disease will cause many complications such as rarefaction of bone, osteopetrosis and so on. These must bring patients much pain and even fracture. It is necessary for them to know why does hyperophsphatemia in chronic kidney disease happen and how to treat it.

In normal case, phosphorus is commonly taken by diet and kidney will excrete it out. While in chronic kidney disease, the renal function is impaired so kidney can’t filter it out and thus can lead to hyperophsphatemia. Hyperophsphatemia itself don’t have symptoms but can decrease the concentration of calcium ion in blood. Then it is easily for patients to have bone deformity, facial paralysis or lost of hearing, etc.

Here are three treatments for patient having hyperphosphatemia in chronic kidney disease.


Dialysis can help to control hyperphosphatemia. But most hyperphosphatemia of our bodies are in the cells. So dialysis can only clear few phosphorus.

2.Phosphate binder

Take phosphate binder to compound phosphorus in gastrointestinal tract. This can form a substance which can’t be absorbed so it will be excreted by faeces. Gastric emulsion, calcium tablet and stomach medicine are common phosphate binders.

3. Medicated bath therapy

Medicated bath makes bath fluid for patients by Chinese herbal medicine. Chinese medicine permeates into patient’s body to improve adjustment of nerves and body fluid. Immunity can be enhanced through enlarging vessels to accelerate blood circulation so as to excrete phosphorus out. Chinese medicine plays a great role in repairing damaged renal cells. When they are restored, the phosphorus will be filtered out of kidney. So hyperphosphatemia in chronic kidney disease will be treated effectively.


Protein is the main food containing phosphorus. Patients should limit the amount of protein on their diet. While protein keeps nutrition in our bodies, patients also need to intake enough protein.

Patients should avoid these food included high phosphorus:

Almond, peanut, pork liver, oatmeal, beans, dairy products, cola, chocolate, tea and yolk, etc.

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