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How To Improve Glomerular Filtration Rate Naturally

Time:  2014-02-19 07:53

How To Improve Glomerular Filtration Rate NaturallyGlomerular filtration rate(GFR) is a measurement of assessing kidney function. When GFR is lower, it usually indicates kidney disorder. Low GFR means that kidneys are not able to function properly and there are lots of wastes in blood. In this case, other body organs can be affected easily. In this light, improving glomerular filtration rate is very significant. Then how to improve glomerular filtration rate naturally?

1. Chinese medicines

For lots of people, especially for foreign people, think that Chinese medicines refers to Chinese herbs. Actually it is partially true. Chinese herbs are just one of parts of Chinese medicines. Apart from Chinese herbs, Tai Chi, Gua Sha, Acupuncture, Massage, Medicated bath, Foot Bath and Cupping all belong to Chinese medicine. These treatments are natural ways to improve glomerular filtration rate without causing adverse effects. A natural way is urgently needed by kidney disease patients.

2. Hot compress therapy

Hot compress therapy is a new developed Chinese herbal medicines in which the ingredients in the herbals can be absorbed by the damaged kidneys through your skin. Hot compress therapy helps repair damaged kidney tissues and improve kidney function. As long as your kidney function is improved, the glomerular filtration rate can be improved naturally.

3. Medicated bath

Medicated bath means the patients bathe in the hot water which combines with specific herbs. When the body is bathed in the hot water, the skin will open its pores and the herbal ingredients can enter the internal organs and tissues easily.

Medicated bath can not only discharge some toxins and wastes out of the body but also boost your immune system which will help prevent the relapse of kidney problem.

4. Diet management

Dietary changes coupled with medication may help extend the life of your kidneys. In your daily diet, you should limit the amount of sodium you consume, reduce the amount of fatty and high-calorie food you consume, increase the amount of fruits and vegetables, eat whole grain foods and limit the amount of phosphorus and potassium level intake if your reports show there is high phosphorus and potassium level in your blood.

Apart from the above healthy living, you still need to take some exercises like swimming, jogging, walking and hiking, etc. And no smoking, no drinking in your life helps improve your GFR naturally and effectively.

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