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Which Herbs Can Treat Proteinuria

Time:  2014-02-13 06:43

Which Herbs Can Treat ProteinuriaWhich herbs can treat proteinuria? Once proteinuria occurs, it is also a kidney-related problem. Kidney disease is not only a kind of disease which leads to protein in urine, but also a most life-threatening one among the causes for proteinuria. Western medicines are mostly used to treat proteinuria, but it can not treat the root cause of proteinuria and will also bring some side-effects. Therefore, for patients with proteinuria called by kidney disease, the following Chinese herbs may be a good choice for proteinuria.

1. Alisma

Alisma is a one common natural herb which can be found in Europe and Far East. The root is harvested before the plant comes into flower and is dried for later use. Alisma has been used to lower high blood pressure, high cholesterol and blood sugar as well as regulate water circulation. Alisma is helpful in treating proteinuria caused by various diseases.

2. Diuretic herbs

One of the best herbs for proteinuria and is used as a general kidney tonic is stinging nettle. Dandelion leaf, cornsilk and yarrow are two other herbs you can take together with nettles. What’s more, stinging nettle seed can also be used to help restore kidneys.

However, when kidney damages cause persistent proteinuria, the single herb can not cure the underlying kidney damage. In this case, you may need a systemic treatment to inhibit further damage and improve kidney function. Proteinuria can not be effectively under control until the kidney function is improved.

3. Systemic treatment-Hot compress Therapy 

Hot compress therapy is a treatment which combines western medicines and Chinese herbs. Western medicines are used to control proteinuria quickly and effectively. However, once you reduce or stop the dosage of medicine, proteinuria may relapse easily. With this regard, several Chinese herbs are selected according to your own health condition. Herbs are used in this treatment externally and the purpose of this is to increase treatment effects.

What’s more important is hot compress therapy aims to repair injured kidney tissues and improve kidney function so as to treat proteinuria from the root.

Hot compress therapy has outstanding effect in treating kidney disease and has treated kidney disease patients from many countries like Australia, Canada, Nigeria, India, etc. If you want to learn which herbs can treat proteinuria, please feel free to consult our online doctor.

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