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How Can Back Pain In PKD Be Treated By Chinese Medicine Therapy

Time:  2014-02-08 07:28

How Can Back Pain In PKD Be Treated By Chinese Medicine TherapyAs one of common symptoms, back pain is a top bothersome problem in people with Polycystic Kidney Disease(PKD). Here, let’s find out how does back pain in PKD be treated by Chinese medicine therapy.

What causes back pain in PKD?

1. Enlargement of cysts in number and size

In early stage of polycystic kidney disease, the kidney cysts are so small that no obvious symptoms will occur. However, these cysts will grow in number and size gradually. If some of these renal cysts grow big enough, one of them ruptures or some kidney stones forms, back pain or lower side pain is experienced by kidney disease patients. The pain is usually intermittent and dull and it can be sudden and sharpened.

2. Urinary tract infection(UIT)

UIT is a common complication of polycystic kidney disease. People who suffer from this condition are more likely to experience symptoms like back pain, frequent urination and abdomen pain and so on.

How does Chinese medicine therapy treat back pain in PKD?

Shrinking the renal cysts, preventing the rupture of kidney cysts and dissolving kidney stone as well as inhibiting inflammation is the fundamental treatment to ease back pain. Therefore, Chinese medicine therapy treating back pain is as follows:

1. Hot compress therapy

The ingredients in Chinese medicines can be transported to the injured kidney lesion through your skin directly. In addition, Chinese medicines will also carry some blood and oxygen for kidneys, which does a lot for repairing damaged kidney tissues and improving kidney function. What’s more important is that this therapy is able to slow down or even stop the growth of kidney cysts, shrink kidney cysts in size effectively and improve your overall kidney function.

2. Acupuncture

As a traditional treatment for various diseases, acupuncture is helpful for easing back pain, which is because acupuncture can help the body to produce a substance, a natural pain-killer.

3. Herbal medicines

Some herbs are beneficial for treating PKD and its complications. For patients with PKD, they are suggested to drink natural tea such as dandelion root tea, nettle tea and hydrangea, etc.

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