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Stigma Of Corn:A Natural Medicine For Kidney Disease Patients

Time:  2014-01-29 03:50

Stigma Of Corn:A Natural Medicine For Kidney Disease PatientsStigma of corn is a kind of Traditional Chinese Medicine and has many healthy function such as diuresis, lowering high blood pressure, lower blood sugar, etc. With this regard, stigma of corn is good for kidney disease patients. Do you want to learn the detailed information of stigma of corn alleviating kidney disease symptoms? Follow us to find the answer.

1. Diuresis 

The researches have shown that stigma of corn can be used as diuretics to alleviate edema. Edema or swelling is often to be seen in kidney disease patients. If uncontrolled well, edema may develop into pulmonary edema which makes patients shortness of breath and even threatens their life. Thus, patients with severe edema can drink some stigma of corn to alleviate their edema.

2. Lower high blood pressure

For kidney disease with high blood pressure, stigma of corn contributes to the decrease of blood pressure. Stigma of corn is able to dilate peripheral vascular, and the dilated blood vessels will decrease the impact of blood flow to blood vessel walls. In this way, high blood pressure is lowered accordingly. Therefore, hypertensive nephropathy patients are able to eat some stigma of corn which is a natural treatment for lowering high blood pressure.

3. Decrease blood flow obviously

Experiments on rabbits have shown that stigma of corn can lower blood sugar obviously. For patients with diabetic nephropathy, it is a natural way for them to eat stigma of corn to lower blood sugar.

What’s more, stigma of corn can also ease anemia and lower high cholesterol to prevent the formation of arteriosclerosis.

In a word, stigma is good for kidney disease patients to alleviate their symptoms like high blood pressure, edema, anemia and lower blood sugar. These symptoms are eased, which plays a huge role in slowing down the progression of kidney failure. Stigma of corn is a Traditional Chinese Medicine on Kidney problem. If you are interested in Traditional Chinese Medicine on kidney problems, welcome to consult our experts or leave us a message to chinesemedicinekidney@hotmail.com.

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