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Is Stage 4 Kidney Disease Reversible?

Time:  2015-06-30 18:39

Kidney disease includes five stages , the stage 4 is also called “clinical diabetic nephropathy” or “overt diabetic nephropathy”. The characteristics in this stage are lots of proteinuria, edema and hypertension. Many patients are worried about whether their illness could be reversed. It has no exact answer that the illness can be cured, because the patients have different habitus.

Renal function is almost lost in stage 4. The wastes, toxic substances, metabolites cann’t be eliminated and they are deposited in human body to damage the rest of renal function, it will forms vicious circle. In order to prevent the illness from deteriorating, some patients accept dialysis in stage 4. Dialysis can prolong patients’ life, it can protect the rest of renal function and buy time for kidney transplantation. Whatever dialysis or kidney transplantation, the cost is huge and patients also need bear great pain.

But it is not impossible to recover without dialysis or kidney transplantation. There are some suggestions for patients:

1 Patients should keep good state of mind and build confidence to overcome serious illness

2 Pay attention to cold, patients should make moderate exercise to recover

3 About diets, patients should take more vegetables, fruit, red beans, red dates and avoid spicy excitant food, bean products, stimulating food, for example, seafood, shrimp, crab and so on.

4 It’s important to avoid nephrotoxicity drugs, for example, the tablets of pain-killer, instant cold capsules, gentamicin, sulfa-drug. If the patients need anti-inflammatory medicine, they can use penicillins which have no toxicity for patients.

5 Don’t decline blood pressure too low, for fear that insufficient blood supply for the whole body tissues and organs.

6 By far, there is no specific western medicines for kidney disease, the best method is using Chinese herbal medicines which focus on the root of disease. Beijing tongshantang Hospital of traditional Chinese Medicine use this method to help many patients to recover successfully.

If you are interested in our therapy, you can contact us by email: chinesemedicinekidney@hotmail.com.

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