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How To Treat Edema In Chronic Kidney Disease

Time:  2014-01-22 08:28

How To Treat Edema In Chronic Kidney DiseaseKidneys are important organs and perform so many functions for the body. However, when kidneys are damaged, kidney disease can affect the body in a large number of different ways. And edema or swelling is a common symptom caused by chronic kidney disease.

How edema is caused by chronic kidney disease?

The healthy kidneys can discharge excess sodium out of the body, while impaired kidney function can not drain excess sodium or salt out of the body. In this condition, sodium or salt retention will occur and it may indicate kidney disorder. We know, for a healthy kidney, the glomerular filtration membrane is responsible for filtering blood during which sodium can be filtered out. In this way, sodium and excess fluid will flow into renal tubule which has the ability of reabsorbing sodium, fluid and other nutrients. However, when glomerular lose the filtration function or renal tubule is disordered and reabsorbs too much sodium, the sodium level will increase in your body. In this condition, sodium retention will appear and cause edema.

How to treat edema in chronic kidney disease?

1. Low sodium or salt intake

High sodium or salt intake will worsen edema and burden your kidneys. For this, you should limit sodium or salt intake in your daily diet. The common foods with high sodium or salt include meat pizza, bacon, processed meat, ham, potato chips and canned foods and so on. You should avoid these high sodium foods.

2. Limit water intake

Water retention will aggravate edema, so chronic kidney disease patients should limit water or fluid intake.

3. Repair damaged glomeruli or renal tubules

The root cause of edema is the damaged glomeruli and disorder of renal tubules. Therefore, if chronic kidney disease patients want to have edema controlled well, they should repair damaged glomeruli or renal tubules. With this regard, patients can have a try of Chinese medicine which can restore kidney function and activate necrotic intrinsic renal cells so as to alleviate edema.

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