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Chinese Medicine Can Treat Kidney Disease



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How The Chinese Herbs Cure Stage 4 Kidney Disease

Time:  2014-01-22 02:13

Can stage 4 kidney disease be cured? How the Chinese herbs cure kidney disease? Follow us to learn more about of Chinese herbs in treating kidney disease.

What does stage 4 kidney disease mean?

According to glomerular filtration rate(GFR), chronic kidney disease(CKD) can be divided into five stages. And in stage 4 kidney disease, the GFR is only 15-29ml/min and kidneys have been severely damaged. If untreated effectively, kidney failure or end stage renal disease will come soon.

How The Chinese Herbs Cure Stage 4 Kidney DiseaseHow Chinese Herbs cure stage 4 kidney disease?

1. Protect the kidney nephrons

The root cause of kidney disease is the nephrons insufficiency, water-turbid and toxic retention. Chinese herbs have the function of protecting the nephrons which is the key point in treating kidney disease.

2. Control blood pressure

Kidney disease patients usually have high blood pressure and the high blood pressure may aggravate kidney function. In this condition, having high blood pressure under control is the key point to prevent kidney function deterioration.

3. Traditional Chinese Medicine Enema

Through intestinal tract to purge viscera to eliminate turbid and coordinate with oral taken Chinese Herbal Medicine is able to delay the progression of renal failure. For patients with high creatinine or blood urea nitrogen level, the Chinese herbs can treat it depending on an analysis of the patients’ disease condition. The common medicine components are raw rhubarb, calcined oysters shell, dandelion, herb of snow in June, raw liquorice, etc.

4. Chinese herbal medicated bath

It is also known as skin dialysis which has a good effect to remove toxin, detumescence and relieve itching. Patients with serious edema, intractable hypertension and patients of end stage kidney failure with serious skin itch are recommended to take this treatment. The herb medicines include: raw ephedra, duckweed, cassia twig, radix sophorae, herba periliae and so on.

5. Acupuncture

The Chinese herbal medicine is grind to powder and mixed with penetrating agent dressing on the specific acupoint. And it can stimulate the acupoint through meridian to adjust human body’s function, improve the symptoms of kidney disease and delay the deterioration of kidney function.

Based on the above treatment, for the common kidney disease patients, their kidney function can be recovered. And kidney disease patients are more likely to avoid kidney dialysis or kidney transplant. What is more, all the Chinese herbs come from nature, so kidney disease patients do not need to worry about the side effects. Though Chinese medicine can guarantee the safety, we have to admit it takes the longer time to see the obvious treatment effect.

Any further questions about Chinese Medicine Therapy on treating kidney disease, you can leave us a message to chinesemedicinekidney@hotmail.com or you can directly consult our online experts, and we are ready to help you. 

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