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Can Kidney Disease Patients Benefit From Foot Bath

Time:  2014-01-19 05:30
Can Kidney Disease Patients Benefit From Foot Bath

Foot bath has the effect of promoting blood circulation so as to get the purpose of improving the feet meridians and keeping body healthy. However, can kidney disease patients benefit from foot bath? The answer is yes. Because foot bath can not only be beneficial to healthy people but also to kidney disease patients as long as they take foot bath in a proper way.

What are healthy benefits of foot bath to kidney disease patients?

1. Regulate blood pressure

Chinese medicine deems that the foot is the starting point of the foot three Yin meridians and the end point of three Yang meridians. If you often take foot bath with hot water, it can stimulate acupoints in the feet, which will improve blood circulation. And then the blood pressure can be controlled. Well control of high blood pressure is able to prevent further kidney damage.

2. Improve blood circulation

Foot bath can improve blood circulation of feet. The hot water has the function of expanding blood vessels in the feet and increasing the temperature of skin. In this way, it can promote blood circulation of feet and the whole body.

3. Promote metabolism

Foot bath can promote the blood circulation of feet and the whole body. Due to the increase of blood microcirculation, foot bath is able to regulate endocrine function which promotes endocrine glands to secrete various hormones. And these hormones can all promote metabolism.

4. Remit tiredness

The best use of foot bath is to remit tiredness. This has been practiced by ancient people that foot bath with hot water can relieve tiredness.

5. Improve sleep quality

Foot bath can not only promote blood circulation of feet and the whole body, but also disperse deposition of feet and eliminate the substances inducing tiredness. The tiredness disappears so as to make patients to have a good sleep.

6. Build up one’s resistance of disease

Foot bath with hot water contributes to the qi-blood circulation and increases your resistance to diseases.

The above are some healthy benefits to kidney disease patients. But you should know there are many notes of using. For example, the water temperature should be moderate; patients with bleeding can not take foot bath. Any detailed information, you can have a talk with our live doctors.

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