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What Test Should Chronic Kidney Disease Patients Do

Time:  2018-04-15 14:46

Kidney disease is a chronic disease with a large number of patients. Although it is not more than diabetes, the population can not be underestimated. At present, it is known that China's nephrotic population accounts for 10% of the total population.

However, such a huge crowd, the awareness rate is poor. Many people didn't know that they had kidney disease until they came out of the examination results.

Many people do not know kidney disease, it is not known by lots of healthy people.

It is easy to confuse the kidney and sex, in Chinese medicine is a great concept, including reproductive and urinary etc. In western medicine, the kidney is only one kind organ. Kidney disease refers to the injury of the kidney.

Due to the renal compensatory ability is strong, it is not easy to find kidney disease. In the early stage, there is no obvious symptoms. When some patients find the symptoms that they are in uremia stage.

In fact, nephropathy has symptoms, such as proteinuria, edema, hematuria, cold and hypertension.

But who will pay attention to the foam in the urine, not just wash away after toilet?

Slight edema may be doubting that it had been drinking too much water the night before.


Who does not catch a cold?

Hypertension, a healthy person, who will measure blood pressure every day?

It's only hematuria. When people see their urine become blood, they will be in a panic.

So a lot of people found it was kidney failure

The articles of nephrotic symptoms are very popular in the Internet. People will search the treatments depend on own symptoms.

But even if you check it up, you are also sick.

It's better to check before albuminuria and other symptoms.

For kidney disease or any disease, it is always better to prevent it from getting worse than before.

There are routine urine tests, 24 hours urine protein test and renal function test. The general population can be checked for 1~2 two years. If the high risk population, such as hypertension, diabetes, or family history of nephrosis, you can increase the frequency of investigation, it can be checked once a year to a year.

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