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Is Headache Related to Chronic Kidney Disease

Time:  2014-03-15 03:13

Is Headache Related to Chronic Kidney DiseaseHeadache is a common symptom in our daily life. Most people will suffer from this condition. Headache can be caused by many factors, such as cold, high blood pressure, cerebral hemorrhage, cervical spondylosis and some other diseases. Is headache related to chronic kidney disease?

Generally speaking, chronic kidney disease can cause headache due to the symptoms of kidney disease.

What causes headache with chronic kidney disease?

-Renal Anemia. Kidneys work to participate in the production of EPO, a necessary material for red blood cell formation. However, when kidney is diseased, the lack of EPO will cause less production of red blood cells, causing renal anemia. This can cause a specific headache known as“anemic headache”.

-High blood pressure. Kidney has the function of participating in production of renin, which undertakes the ability of balancing blood pressure. When kidney is damaged, its ability will decline. Consistent of high blood pressure may be a big opponent to headache. Have question about the cause of headache in CKD? Send your problem to chinesemedicinekidney@hotmail.com.

How to deal with headache with chronic kidney disease?

-Find the cause. As mentioned above, headache in chronic kidney disease may be caused by different triggers. Finding the cause is the key to prepare the right treatment. If it is a medicine-related headache, you are suggested to stop the medicines and talk with your doctor as soon as possible.

-Go out and walking. If you are a CKD patient, walking is always suggested to you. Your metabolism needs revision. Walking everyday for about 45 minutes will solve your problems related to stress, kidney disease and heart disease. Walking can also increase your immunity.

-Chinese tea. Some Chinese teas have the function of improving kidney function by relieving headache, high blood pressure and anemia and so on. Once chronic kidney disease is treated, headache will be controlled well and so other symptoms of kidney disease.

Is headache related to chronic kidney disease? The answer is yes. If you are suffering from headache, go to hospital and get a definite understanding about your condition. You can also consult online doctor, they will help you solve the troubles with their best. Take care!

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